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Register Now for Xilinx Live Online Training in German!


So-logic company in partnership with Doulos company will hold online trainings for native German speakers!

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Maximize your productivity in 2016 with live online training!

Expert-led Live Online Training from Xilinx Authorized Training Provider Doulos will help you get the very best out of your Xilinx technology, with courses covering the topics Vivado® Design Suite , HLS and UltraScale ™.

These real-time interactive trainings with expert instructors are available world-wide and provide comparable learning outcomes to face-to-face classes. Since the trainings are structured into half day sessions it also means you can fit them into your busy schedule!

See the following upcoming events. Participation places are limited, so do not miss the early registration!

Date               Cource

15.02.2016.    Vivado FPGA Essentials

15.02.2016.    Designing with UltraScale

29.02.2016.    Essential Tcl for Vivado

29.02.2016.    Vivado HLS

14.03.2016.    Vivado Adopter

To register, please visit the Doulos website, or call us to discuss your training requirements.


Training News

So-logic company is Xilinx authorized training provider, offering all courses from Xilinx training catalogue.

Schedule for Training Courses in February and March 2016!

If you are interested to attending one of our courses, here is a list of upcoming training courses, offered by so-logic, in February and March 2016:


  • 01.02. - 01.02.2016    Essentials of Microprocessors

  • 02.02. - 03.02.2016    Embedded Systems Design

  • 04.02. - 05.02.2016    Advanced Features and Techniques of Embedded Systems Design

  • 08.02. - 09.02.2016    C Language Programming with SDK

  • 10.02. - 11.02.2016    Embedded Systems Software Design

  • 12.02. - 12.02.2016    Advanced Features and Techniques of Embedded Systems Software Design

  • 15.02. - 15.02.2016    Zynq Smarter Solutions – Decision Maker Seminar

  • 16.02. - 17.02.2016    Zynq All Programmable SoC System Architecture

  • 18.02. - 18.02.2016    Zynq Smarter Solutions – Hardware Workshop

  • 19.02. - 19.02.2016    Zynq Smarter Solutions – Software Workshop

  • 22.02. - 24.02.2016    Designing with Verilog

  • 22.02. - 24.02.2016    Designing with VHDL

  • 25.02. - 26.02.2016    Verification with System Verilog

  • 25.02. - 26.02.2016    Designing with System Verilog

  • 25.02. - 26.02.2016    Advanced VHDL


  • 01.03. - 01.03.2016    C-based Design: High-Level Synthesis with Vivado HLS

  • 02.03. - 02.03.2016    C-based HLS Coding for Software Designers

  • 03.03. - 03.03.2016    C-based HLS Coding for Hardware Designers

  • 07.03. - 07.03.2016    How to Design a Xilinx Digital Signal Processing System in one Day

  • 08.03. - 09.03.2016    Essential DSP Implementation Techniques for Xilinx FPGAs

  • 10.03. - 11.03.2016    DSP Design Using System Generator

  • 14.03. - 14.03.2016    PCIe Protocol Overview

  • 14.03. - 14.03.2016    How to Design a Xilinx Connectivity System in 1 Day

  • 14.03. - 16.03.2016    Signal Integrity and Board Design for Xilinx FPGAs

  • 15.03. - 16.03.2016    Designing an Integrated PCI Express System

  • 17.03. - 18.03.2016    Designing with Ethernet MAC Controllers

  • 17.03. - 18.03.2016    How to Design a High-Speed Memory Interface

  • 22.03. - 24.03.2016    Designing with Multi-Gigabit Serial I/O

FPGA Tutorial News

So-logic company offers FPGA tutorials, documents made for beginners who are entering the FPGA world. We are trying to keep these tutorials updated with the latest software versions. Currently, so-logic offers the following tutorials:

All the tutorials are completely free of charge.

The latest tutorial versions, you can also find on the so-logic's Customers page.


So-logic Database News

New Chinese FPGA manufacturer, GOWINSEMI, is added to the so-logic's FPGA Database!

In the FPGA Database you can find Gowinsemi's GW1N Non-volatile FPGA family information as well as its GW2A and GW3S Mid-range FPGA familis information.

In the FPGA Database you can also find families and sub-families of manufacturers like Xilinx, Altera, Lattice, Atmel, Microsemi, Achronix, Cypress, QuickLogic, Tabula, Tier Logic and eASIC with their devices and majority of the data for each device.


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