You are free to use our link list. Please note: this list is used for internal so-logic use, so there may be some local vienna links around the 9th district that make not too much sense for people living outside of Vienna. Recommendations for improvement are always welcome.

so-logic is demonstration center for Agilent, especially the Chip-Scope integrated logic analyzer. When you visit a class, chances are that you will use test equipment from Agilent Technologies
Length and angle measurment systems
Professional movie cams for cinema productions
Development of Virtex modules for embedded gigabit interface in the area of data capture systems for measurement engineering
Telemetry systems
Doulos is the global leader for the development and delivery of training solutions for engineers.
Mathwork From Matlab and Simulink you can generate directly VHDL code for your Xilinx design. You can regularly attend trainings for Mathworks products at so-logic
The EDA technology leader
A leading global distributor of advanced technology semiconductor, display, illumination, power and system solutions
PIU-PRINTEX produce circuit boards
Multimedia Systems
Mine detection unmanned aerial vehicles
Sementis Engineering GMBH
The engineers of distribution
Large area video walls. Displays
Distributor of EDA software
Xilinx We are a Authorized Training Center and Xpert Partner
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